Kids Christmas Tree Craft Tea Light Holder

Kids Christmas Craft Tea Light Holder

This craft can be adapted to younger children if you do the painting and the piercing ahead of time. These would make cute gifts or table decorations for the holidays.

Craft Supplies:

  • Battery Powered Tea Light (do not use real tea lights)
  • Two empty, clean styrofoam containers with lids
  • Acrylic Paint - Green
  • Glitter (silver used here)
  • Stick-on star and ornament stickers (these came from Dollar Tree)
  • Brad

Craft Instructions:

Paint the styrofoam cups with one coat of paint using even brush strokes and let dry. Paint the second coat using a dabbing technique with your brush. While the paint is still wet, lightly sprinkle glitter onto the paint and let dry. Take the lid of one cup and pierce it in the center with a push pin. Pierce the bottom of one cup with a push pin. Turn the cups upside down. Align the pierced lid and cup bottom, secure them with a brad to keep the tree in place. Attach both cups to the lid. Apply stickers. Place battery operated tea light on top. Warning: Do not use real candles with this craft. Styrofoam melts when exposed to flame or high heat.


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