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Easter Egg Decorating Craft - Tissue Paper Cross

Craft Supplies:

  • Tissue paper - assorted colors
  • White Craft Glue such as Elmer's***
  • Paint Brushes
  • Boiled Eggs***
  • Empty Egg Cartons**

Craft Instructions:

  1. Boil eggs in advance so that they are cool and dry when you get ready to decorate. Set them up in the egg cartons to hold them steady for decorating. ** If you don't have that many egg cartons, cut one into three parts.
  2. Cut tissue paper into small strips and then cut into portions. They do not have to be exact.
  3. Take paint brush and dip in glue and cover the portion of the egg with a small amount of glue. Kids tend to use too much of anything, try to get them to go sparingly.
  4. Take the tissue paper pieces and adhere to the egg. You may want to keep a damp paper towel handy to keep your fingers clean.
  5. ***You can also use eggs from the craft store if you don't want to boil eggs. Tissue paper will also adhere to egg with water if you don't want to use glue.
Easter Craft Egg Cross Tissue paper
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