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Armor of God Craft - Ephesians 6:10
Bible Craft Armor of God Craft

This is an object lesson I used with fifth graders a few years ago. They liked it so much that they each wanted to make one of their own. I used two balloons, one with armor and one with just a drawn on face and some feet. I took a pin and popped the balloon without armor during the lesson.

Craft Supplies :

  • Balloons **
  • Marker - Soft Point
  • Silver paper suitable for printing. I used Sparkle Jet Paper ***
  • Transparent Tape
  • Print Out PDF Pattern Here: Page One, Page Two

I Used Sparkle Jet Paper for this project:

Craft Instructions: Print and cut out all of the components. Blow up the balloon and position large side down. Attach cut-outs to balloon with the tape. You can cut a slit in the helmet of salvation and fold it in a little to make it conform to the shape. When all is assembled, tape the feet to a surface or piece of paper because it will roll.

** Don't use balloons around smaller children as they present a choking hazard.

***The only place I have been able to find Crayola Sparkle Jet Paper is Here is the link: 240 Sheets of Crayola Stardust Sparkle Inkjet Printable Paper

Comments: One of the first rules of battle is to never underestimate your enemy. The apostle Paul makes it very clear just what a powerful foe we are up against in satan in Ephesians 6. Then he instructs us in how to prepare ourselves against him. We spend a great deal of time and effort trying to prepare our children for adulthood and the rigors they will face in the world. We take every care to keep their bodies healthy and protect them from diseases and harm. Shouldn't we be just as concerned with preparing them spiritually? Satan has many weapons at his disposal which can destroy not only the spirit but damage the body as well. The armor of God is a wonderful object lesson to teach young children and impress them with the need to prepare themselves against the wiles of Satan. It also demonstrates the power of God and His word in our lives.


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