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Bible Craft Lantern Matthew 5:16 - "...Let Your Light Shine..."
Sunday School Craft Lantern

Craft Supplies:

Craft Instructions:

Important: if you are using one-sided shiny paper, figure out how you need to position your paper for the pdf download to print on the shiny side. For instance, with my printer, I have to print with the shiny side down to get the Bible verse to print on the shiny side.


I Used Crayola Stardust Sparkle Jet Paper for this project:
  1. Download pdf and open on your computer. Print using an inkjet printer.
  2. Cut along the dotted line where it says “Matthew 5:16”. This will be your handle. (dotted lines are for cutting while solid lines should not be cut.)
  3. Fold the rest of the paper in half and cut the slats being careful not to cut into the solid lines on top and bottom that contains the verse. Cut slats about 1 and 1/4 inch wide. They do not have to be exact.
  4. Tape the lantern together at the top sides and tape the handle to the top.
As an added touch, you can give the kids a glow stick to tie to the handle if they are going to display the lantern in a hanging manner. Glow Sticks, 4" (pack of 10)-YELLOW ** Caution: some glow stick products may be temperature sensitive and not recommended for younger children. Make sure to buy non-toxic products only.

Glow Sticks, 4
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