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We Are What We Live
Object Lesson We Are What We Live

This object lesson can show your students how we become what we live. The carnations will gradually take on the color of the water in which they are placed. Note: It takes about two to three days for the flowers to start changing color.


  • White Carnations
  • Glass or plastic clear see-through vases
  • Food Coloring in various colors
  • Water
  • Digital Camera (optional)

Lesson Instructions:

  1. Fill the vases two thirds full with water and add a few drops of food coloring. Note: if you want to use black, just mix equal parts of red, blue and yellow.
  2. Cut the carnation stems diagonally (adults only) and place the flowers in the water. The shorter the stems, the sooner the color will start to appear. You may want to photograph the changes each day to demonstrate how our surroundings and what we take in will affect us gradually.

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